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Patagonia Winter Duckbill Running Cap Goodsports

Patagonia Winter Duckbill Running Cap Goodsports

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Designed for cold-weather trail running, the Patagonia Winter Duckbill Cap has a water-resistant top, highly breathable fleece on the sides and flip-down earflaps, and a crushable brim for packable, on-demand warmth when you need it most.


  • Highly breathable crown and fleece materials fight chilly temps while managing moisture during high-output winter activities
  • Crushable brim allows the hat to be easily stuffed into a pocket
  • Adjustable closure strap allows for a finely tuned fit
  • Ponytail pass-through for those with longer hair
  • Flip-down fleece earflaps keep your ears toasty when things get really cold or can be flipped out of the way when things warm up
  • Made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, which means the people who made this product earned a premium for their labor
  • Made in China
  • Weight: 69 g (2.45 oz)
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