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Leki Lhasa AS - Women's Goodsports

Leki Lhasa AS - Women's Goodsports

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The LHASA AS (Antishock) is specifically designed as the ultimate companion for female adventurers, built to take your trekking experience to new heights. The innovative Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) antishock feature significantly reduces peak pole impacts by up to 40%, effectively protecting your muscles, joints, and ligaments from strain.


  • EVOCON CorTec grip is an ergonomic grip with rounded edges for more comfort on descents
  • Adjustable security strap made from breathable, light weight and extra soft material for maximum comfort
  • Crafted from aluminum, these poles are sturdy, extremely robust, and very durable
  • SpeedLock Plus (SL+) offers an extremely fast and easy adjustment of the pole length even whilst wearing gloves
  • DSS (Dynamic Suspension System) built into the tip for a reduction of peak impacts by approx. 40%, protecting muscles, joints and ligaments
  • Carbide tip for perfect grip


  • Construction: Adjustable
  • Grip:EVOCON
  • Strap: Lock Security Strap Soft 2.0
  • Segments: 3-pieces
  • Diameter: 16/14/12 mm
  • Upper Section: Aluminum (HTS 6.0)
  • Lower Section: Aluminum (HTS 6.0)
  • Locking System: Speed Lock plus
  • Basket: Trekking
  • Tip: DSS Tip
  • Length/Size: 90-125 cm
  • Weight/Pole: 254 g per pole
  • Pack Size: 64 cm
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