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Benchmade Kitchen 3 Piece Set (4000-02) Goodsports

Benchmade Kitchen 3 Piece Set (4000-02) Goodsports

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Designed with purpose and built to last, the 3 Piece Set sets a high bar for durability and performance matched only by Benchmade's promise that it will be yours, for life.

Laser-cut from sheets of high-grade steel, every Benchmade blade is ground, beveled, and finished with uncompromising precision. Each handle is milled and machined in-house to the most exacting specifications, and every knife is hand-assembled and sharpened by highly trained technicians bringing to bear over thirty years of manufacturing excellence in a state-of-the-art factory in Oregon City, Oregon.

Tips for longevity:

  • All steel, regardless of price and grade, can eventually rust, so it¡¯s important to keep your knife dry and lubricated. If spotting or rust occurs, semi-chrome metal polish will often take care of it.
  • Dishwashers can cause serious damage that is not covered under our warranty, so make sure to hand-wash your Benchmade under warm water with dish soap only, and dry thoroughly.
  • Remember, knives are cutting tools, and you should never use your knife as a pry-bar, screwdriver, chisel, or punch, unless the knife is designed explicitly for those purposes.
  • If you choose to sharpen your blade yourself, avoid grinding wheels and other high-powered machinery.
  • Handle, pivot, and pocket clip screws may require occasional adjustment using T6 & T10 Torx drivers. Benchmade recommends applying a small dab of releasable thread-locker as needed.
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